How We Give Back

Mombasa Brand is actively seeking relationships with retailers, charitable organizations, entrepreneurial and business leaders, celebrities, and schools to increase funding support for projects that help people through our Mombasa Brand product line. In an effort to fulfill our vision, we have created giving campaigns to bring awareness in the fight against malaria and other areas of need to reduce suffering in our world. The Africa Mosquito Net One for One Project, provides one mosquito net to a family or a child in need for every specially marked canopy that is purchased at website.

Till the Sun Rises or Sets We Give Nets

We also allocate a portion of our net profits in our Give A Net campaign aimed at reaching global food programs, shelters for the homeless, clean water projects, education and school funding initiatives, and other humanitarian relief efforts and mission projects.

Choosing Where to Allocate Profits

We love building strategic partnerships with retailers that we work with, non-profit organizations, and celebrities who want to help bring awareness to help people in need. We are also open to visiting with other businesses and charities that want to join with us, and help distribute funds or products to specific projects or campaigns that Mombasa Brand is currently engaged in.