It has been well over four decades and our brand of mosquito nets stands as the one true brand marked with quality and classical designs permanently fixed to the definition of luxury.
— Founder John Hillman

A  Journey

In the early 1970's, John Edgar known by his eclectic circle of friends as “Pejuta" a Lakota Indian word meaning "medicine", travelled across the continent of Africa with his beautiful new bride,  Bonnie Jean in a 1957 Morris Cowley they had bought from an old retired policeman for about $150.00 in Johannesburg, South Africa.   


Inspired with the simple makings of an East African mosquito net,  and with the help of his friend in Key West, Florida, Pejuta introduced to the fashion world a whimsical and romantic bed canopy, the Mombasa Magic mosquito net, that captured the attention of movie stars and the interior design world alike. 

HELPING Home Abroad

Mombasa has a unique product history for helping people, especially in the fight against Malaria. Our mission is to demonstrate our core values by helping people in need. We will continue to be intentional with our brand, campaigns, and the lifestyle we want to live, knowing when someone purchases the Mombasa Brand we all share in a lifestyle of helping people and engage in greater good.